The Scott Spotlight

December 9, 2022

Principal: Linda Reha

School Address: 804 Wilson St. DeWitt, MI 48820

Office Phone Number: 517-668-3400

Attendance Phone Number: 517-668-3458


    • Start Time: 8:30 a.m. (First bell rings at 8:25 a.m.)

      • Students may be dropped of at 8:10 a.m. or later. Supervision is not available before 8:10 a.m.

    • Dismissal Time: 3:20 p.m.

School Events

2022-23 District Calendar - 06.29.22.pdf
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Dec. 23: Holiday Break Starts

Jan. 9: School Resumes

Reha's Report

Dear Scott School Families,

First trimester report cards are accessible in Infinite Campus. Be sure to review your child's progress with him/her, celebrate what's going well, and set goals for targeted growth areas. Including your child in their education and learning is impactful! Shortly after we return from Holiday Break, winter Acadience and NWEA benchmark testing will occur. Although 'moment in time' assessments like these ones definitely don't define a student, the data they provide is informative, especially when looking at trends over time. NWEA testing is scheduled for January 10-27th and Acadience testing is scheduled for January 24-26th.

As we near Holiday Break, I want to take a moment to thank you for your support since the start of the school year and continuing into 2023. Positive school to home partnerships create a great model of collaboration for students which results in successful outcomes. I encourage you to unplug over the upcoming break which begins on December 23rd to recharge, and I also encourage my staff to do the same. Thank you for giving them the gift of time with their family by holding off on emails to school staff while they too are on break. They will be excited to correspond with families once they return to work on January 9th.

All my best,

Linda Reha

Scott School Principal

Winter NWEA & Acadience Testing

Our winter benchmark testing will occur right when we return from Holiday break. Second graders need headphones or earbuds for NWEA testing because both the reading and the math assessments are audio in nature. If your child has headphones or earbuds at school, please consider sending a pair in with him/her. We do have a limited amount available for students who do not have a pair on their testing days. Thank you for helping your child have a good night of rest, a quality breakfast, and being at school and on time on testing days. Also, words of encouragement to simply do their best is inspiring to all students on test days. Below are the testing windows for these assessments.

  • NWEA Reading: Jan. 10-Jan. 13

  • NWEA Math: Jan. 16-Jan. 20

  • NWEA Make Up Testing: Jan. 23-Jan. 27

  • Acadience: Jan. 24-Jan. 26

Run, Hide, Fight Safety Protocol

DPS is following Run, Hide, Fight Safety Protocol in the case of an intruder emergency. Staff have participated in safety training following these protocols and emergency drills provide practice for students and school personnel. We are mindful of appropriate Run and Fight protocols for second and third graders, and these protocols likely look different at the secondary level with older students.

First Trimester Report Cards

First trimester report cards are viewable in Infinite Campus. When logging in to view your child's report card, be sure to roster back to first trimester because now that we're in second trimester, Infinite Campus defaults to the current trimester.

Hands-on Science

Student in Mrs. Greenfield's Class - Pic 1

Third graders in Mrs. Greenfield's class learned about Invisible Forces in science. They especially enjoyed exploring magnets.

Student in Mrs. Greenfield's Class - Pic 2
Student in Mrs. Greenfield's Class - Pic 3
Student in Mrs. Greenfield's Class - Pic 4
Student in Mrs. Greenfield's Class - Pic 5

Writing Gallery Walk

Second graders in Mrs. Sauve's class participated in a “Gallery Walk” where they were able to read and respond to their peers’ published writing pieces. What a great way to celebrate one another’s success!

Student in Mrs. Sauve's Class - Pic 1
Student in Mrs. Sauve's Class - Pic 2
Student in Mrs. Sauve's Class - Pic 3

Gaga over Geckos

Did you know? Our library is the home for two geckos, Mango and Paisley? Mango and Paisley are Leopard Geckos who are about a year and a half old. Students help care for the geckoes by feeding them, providing clean water, and cleaning their habitat. In addition, Mango loves to be held while Paisley is more shy and keeps to herself.

Student in Ms. Brya's Class - Pic 1
Student in Ms. Brya's Class - Pic 2
Student in Ms. Brya's Class - Pic 3

Car Loop Requirements & Busing

Please remember that the car loop should be used for all students being dropped off and picked up instead of parking in front of the building or doing so in the road. Also, supervision is not available for students who are dropped off in other locations, so please be mindful of this. Our pick up loop is the safest area to transport students to and from school.

Also, DPS is down bus drivers, so there will be some routes that Transportation can't run for a while (hopefully January). If this affects your bus riding student, you can expect to hear from Transportation. If you are not contacted about this then busing for your child has not been impacted. When students need to be picked up from school in our car loop, a sign with student's first and last name legibly printed in large font must be in each driver's window. This allow for an efficient and effective pick up process at the end of the day. Thank you for following our procedures!

Safe School Procedure

Parents and guests should always check in at our main office by pushing the intercom button to talk to an office staff member and signing in before entering our school. Even if you are a frequent volunteer at Scott School, please refrain from walking into our school with a staff member who has fobbed into the building. We are working hard to maintain a safe school environment and need your help with this procedure. Thank you!

Winter Weather Wear

It's official - - - winter weather has arrived! Please help your child be prepared for frigid temps by sending him/her to school with the proper outdoor gear. Students are expected to wear a coat outside for recess when the temperature falls below fifty degrees. Below is a list of winter apparel that is also recommended. Please let your child's teacher or Mrs. Schwarz know if your child is in need of any outdoor wear. We are happy to help!

  • Heavy/Warm Coat

  • Boots

  • Snow Pants

  • Mittens/Gloves

  • Hat

  • Scarf (optional, but works great as a wind breaker)

Sick = Stay Home

Please help keep our school community healthy by keeping your child home if he/she is ill. Read these CDC and health department resources and infographics below for steps to take if your child contracts COVID, is exposed to the virus, or contracts a different communicable disease.

2022-2023 PreK-12 Public Health Guidance.pdf
09-2022 parent illness guide (1).pdf
what to do with covid 2022-23 flow sheet.pdf

Subs Needed

We are always seeking teacher and support staff subs. If you're interested in substitute teaching, please contact Jennifer Lee at 517-668-3009 to find out more information. If you're interested in subbing in our lunchroom, playground, library, or as a paraprofessional, please call our office at 517-668-3400.

Para Recruitment Flyer (3).pdf

Allergy Awareness

There are some Scott students who have health-threatening nut allergies in our building. Scott School is a 'No Nut' building. Pack items that do not contain nuts for your child's lunch and snack. It is critically important that we provide a safe learning environment for all students, and your help with this is needed and appreciated. Please always contact your child's teacher if you have a concern about an allergy or other health condition related to your child that they should be aware of. Also, if your child has a medical need, including food or other allergies, don't forget to update your child's Medical Management Plan by completing and submitting the district forms to the office before school starts so we can follow protocols to keep your child safe.

School Breakfast & Lunch

School breakfast and lunch is available to all students. Unfortunately though, neither is no longer free to all students like it was the past two years. However, to apply for free and/or reduced lunch, click here. For additional information about how to create an account for your student and access menus, click here. Also, read the attached flyer for more details about how to create an account and contact information for our district Food Service Director, Sandy Leach.

New Meals for 2022_2023.pdf

Medical Forms

In order for Scott School personnel to administer medication to your child when we return to in person instruction, you must:

  • Submit a completed district medication form to our office.

  • Be sure all medications are brought to and stored in our office.

  • Be sure prescription medication is in its original container accompanied with a physician’s signature.

  • Be sure non-prescription medication is in its original container accompanied by a parent’s signature.

  • Please communicate with your child's teacher if he/she takes medication daily at school.

  • If your child has a medical condition, please be sure to complete a Medical Management Plan for your child and turn it in at the office.

Medication and other medical forms can be found on our DeWitt Public Schools website.

Looking for Additional Support?

Our school social worker, Mrs. Schwarz, is always willing to assist students and families in any way possible. In addition to working closely with your child's teacher, consider reaching out to her if you have questions or need support. She is truly amazing at what she does! She can be reached at 517-668-3446 or

Attendance Line

Attendance Matters Picture

When your child is absent, please call the Scott School Attendance line: 517-668-3458. Substitute Teachers cannot access a teacher's email, so please call the office when your child is going to be absent, will be dropped off or picked up outside of regular school hours, or has a transportation switch. Please call before 3:00 pm, for all after school changes.