The Scott Spotlight

February 26, 2021

Principal: Linda Reha

School Address: 804 Wilson St., DeWitt, MI 48820

Office Phone Number: 517-668-3400

Attendance Phone Number: 517-668-3458


    • Face to Face Instruction Start Time: 8:15 a.m. (First bell rings at 8:10 a.m.)

    • Dismissal Time: 3:05 p.m.

School Events

District Diversity Logo Paw

Mar. 5: Records day - A Cohort Only Attends School in the A.M. Dismissal is still at 11:30 a.m.

Mar. 8: Return to Full Days of In Person Instruction

Reha's Report

Dear Scott School Families,

We are excited to make the transition back to full days of in person instruction on Monday, March 8th. Families of students who have been online all year and prefer to continue with remote instruction have been afforded the opportunity to do so. I appreciate working with such understanding, flexible, and gracious families this year. Thank you for the support. Although there have been challenges this past year that none of us thought we'd ever face, the decline in virus numbers and lifted restrictions make me hopeful we are on our way to a new normal. I'm confident many of you feel similarly.

The CDC guidelines are still in place for students to come to school. It feels rewarding to know that the protocols we have had in place all year are those recommended by the health department and CDC. We will continue to work hard to keep the virus out of school so we can remain in school (for in person instruction) by:

  • wearing masks

  • having frequent hand washing breaks

  • social distancing as much as possible

  • continuing to have specials and lunch in the classroom (If all goes well, then specials may return to their respective rooms/areas after Spring Break.)

Once we return on March 8th, students will have long recess again on the playground. Please send your child to school with snow gear until the weather changes. Even when it warms up, students must still wear a coat unless it's above 50 degrees outside. Please remind your child of this. To help students get fresh air and an opportunity to socialize with friends, there will be a walking path created for short recess (15 minutes) before or after lunch. Students should wear coats, hats, glove/mittens, and boots for this time, but snow pants will only be necessary for long recess. We are excited for our students to get outside to play and exercise at school again. This is one step closer to getting back to the school experience that we all are familiar with.

Our school hours will return to normal on March 8th too. School starts at 8:15 a.m. and dismissal is at 3:05 p.m. If you drop or pick your child up, please use the loop and demonstrate patience and driving etiquette for pedestrians, other drivers, and our neighborhood residence. The car line is much longer than typical this year, so if you are able and willing to have your child ride the bus, this is appreciated.

Bursting with excitement for full instructional days,

Linda Reha

Scott School Principal

DPS Student Screener

Families are expected to go through this screener every morning before their child leaves for school when students are in the building for in person instruction. Please remember to do this so we all do our part to support a healthy environment at school. Attached is a printable version of the form that you may elect to print for easy access each morning.


Journeys Reading Textbooks

Please help us keep track of and care for our Journeys reading textbooks. These are newer purchases and cost the district a good chunk of change. Students should be using textbook 2 now, so if you have textbook 1 at your house still, please send it back to school with your child to give to his/her teacher. Thank you!

March is Reading Month

March is Reading Month is one of the best times of the year. We are thrilled to share that this year's theme at Scott School is "Camp Read S'more". There's lots of literacy fun in store, so be on the watch for the Reading Month Calendar with special events and a Reading Log to come home. Students can earn prizes for keeping track of the reading they do throughout the month and also participate in super fun dress up days and events.

March Is Reading Month 2021-Final.pdf

Videos to View

If your child will be receiving full day in person instruction starting March 8th, please have your child view these important videos. Mrs. Schwarz will also be sharing these with students in Google Classroom soon.

Panther Pride Student Spotlight

Each week every classroom at Scott School has a Panther Pride drawing from all Panther Pride slips earned by students for demonstrating respectful, responsible, safe, and bucketfilling behavior. Lucky drawing winners are invited to a virtual Panther Pride luncheon at the end of each month with Mrs. Reha and Mrs. Schwarz.

Kachee is in Mrs. Hyde's 3rd grade class. She was invited to attend the February Panther Pride Luncheon.

Kachee's Picture

Vestibule Hours

Now that we are returning to in person instruction, the vestibule hours at Scott School will be adjusted to 7:45 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. on days we have school.

Pick Up Loop Vehicle Student Name Signs

Please be sure to place a large sign in your window or dash with your child's first and last name if you use the pick up loop after school. This helps us say your child's name over our speaker system and be efficient in keeping traffic moving through our loop. Thanks for your help! This is especially important when we return to full in person instruction since there will be many more students waiting at the loop.

Drop Off & Pick Up

As we transition back to in person instruction, it is important that students and families follow our start and end of the day routines and procedures.

  • Students riding a bus will be supervised and guided by school staff to enter and exit a bus in a safe fashion. All bused students will enter the building through the doors by the bus loop.

  • Students dropped off and walking to school will be expected to maintain social distancing from others and only be able to enter the building at the front of the school by the office. Our school start and end times have been adjusted while we are in a half day cohort. Doors will open at 15 minutes prior to your child's cohort start time. There will be school staff outside to supervise and guide students to safely enter the building. Please do NOT have your child vacate your vehicle until you see school staff outside to help support a safe transition into the building by walking along the sidewalk to the front of the building. Once drop off students and walkers are inside the vestibule, they will go straight to the cafeteria and sit at designated seats until the first bell rings. They will then be dismissed individually to their classrooms. IMPORTANT NOTE: Student dropped off after bused students have entered the building AND before the final bell, will be directed to use the bus loop doors to enter the building. Students arriving after school starts must enter the front of the building to sign in before going to class.

  • Parents wishing to drop off and/or pick up their child must use the loop to do so. Parking in front of the building is dangerous for our students and discouraged. This also prevents our staff from being on time to work since there are limited parking spots at Scott School. Thanks for your help with this.

  • Drop off and/or pick up in the street is never acceptable and local law enforcement help keep our students safe by patrolling Wilson Street before and after school. Also, drop off and pick up at other locations other than our parent loop is discouraged. We care about the safety of our students and appreciate families following our procedures and guidelines.

  • If your child is going to be picked up after school in the loop, please be sure to post a large sign on your passenger side dash with your child's first and last name (large and legible font please). This is necessary for staff to efficiently identify vehicles for students to keep our loop moving. We will be using a microphone and speaker to call student names to also help run a smooth pick up. Please don't forget to make your dash sign and keep it in your vehicle for use throughout the school year.

Seeking Employment?

DeWitt Public Schools is in need of instructional assistants. Please consider applying if you think you would enjoy working in a school with students, or pass this information along to anyone you know who you think this would be a perfect match for. Thank you!

School Pictures - Revised Date

Camera Image

School pictures will be on Thursday, March 11th at Scott School for in person instruction students. School pictures will be on Wednesday, April 7th from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. at Herbison Woods for all K-5 remote learning students (drop in any time that day). Picture information will be sent home when it is received from Lifetouch.

District COVID-19 Documents

Our district COVID-19 and reopening documents are posted on our DPS website.

Protocols for Reopening Fall 2020


If your child is going to be "absent" and miss school, even if they are a online learner, please be sure to call our attendance line at 517-668-3458. We are required to take attendance even when students are learning remotely, so we want to be sure to account for our students and excuse absences in Infinite Campus. If your child is learning remotely, you should also communicate absences to your child's teacher. We care about our students and worry about them when they aren't in class or online on days they are supposed to be.