The Scott Spotlight

April 5, 2024

Principal:  Linda Reha

School Address:  804 Wilson St. DeWitt, MI 48820

Office Phone Number:  517-668-3400

Attendance Phone Number:  517-668-3458


School Events

2023-24 District Calendar - 04.11.23.pdf
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Apr. 8-12:  3rd Grade Reading M-STEP Testing

Apr. 15-19:  3rd Grade Math M-STEP Testing

Apr. 29-May 3:  Reading NWEA Testing

May 6-10:  Math NWEA Testing

May 7-9:  Acadience Testing

Reha's Report

Dear Scott School Families,

Spring Break was a wonderful time to recharge and refocus for our last stretch of the school year.  Our spring testing window begins on Monday with third graders taking the ELA M-STEP assessment next week.  Read further down in this newsletter for more detailed information related to spring testing for both second and third graders.  M-STEP (3rd grade) and NWEA (2nd grade) require students to wear headphones/earbuds.  Although we have a limited supply for students who need them, most students prefer to wear their own, so thank you for sending a pair in to school with your child if you're able to do so (and if you're child doesn't have a pair at school already).

Monday will be busy with the start of testing, but it will also be an exciting day because there will be a total solar eclipse in the afternoon.  Special eclipse glasses will be provided to students and available to staff for this historical event.  Students will be allowed to go outside with their teacher to view the eclipse as schedules allows.  Explicit eye safety discussions have occured already and instruction will continue through Monday as a precaution.  If you have questions or prefer your child does not view the eclipse with his/her class during the school day, please contact your child's teacher immediately.  We will certainly accommodate a supervised space inside for students who parents/guardians opt out of this viewing opportunity.  Please remember to discuss eye safety with your child at home too because the eclipse will still be occuring at dismissal time, so students will go outside to board  a bus, walk home, or wait to be picked up from school and eye protection is important if students elect to directly view the eclipse.  The next solar eclipse that can be seen in the United States will be on August 23, 2044, so our students will be in their late 20s at that time.  Wow!  It is so cool that our students will likely remember they were at Scott School and in second or third grade when the next one occurs. 

Over the moon with joy (well really the sun on 4/8),

Linda Reha

Scott School Principal

Student Spotlight

Each week every classroom at Scott School has a Panther Pride drawing from all Panther Pride slips earned by students for demonstrating respectful, responsible, safe, and bucketfilling behavior.  Lucky drawing winners are invited to a Panther Pride recess at the end of each month with Mrs. Reha and Mrs. Schwarz. 

Picture of Kenzington

Kenzington is in Mrs. Sauve's 2nd grade class.  She was invited to our March Panther Pride Recess.

Harper is in Mrs. Toth's 3rd grade class.  She was invited to our March Panther Pride Recess. 

M-STEP, NWEA, and Acadience - Oh my!

Spring testing at Scott School will begin the week after we return from Spring Break.  Although some classes may have to adjust their schedule due to some conflicts, below is a general guideline of what to expect.  Please rememeber that these assessments are not ones that students can study for, but you can help your child be test ready by encouraging your him/her make sure he/she does the following:

Spring Testing will be as follows:

Read By Grade Three Law

Although retention for third grade students who don't score proficient on the M-STEP reading assessment no longer must be considered, families can still expect a letter to come from the Michigan Department of Education if their child scores 1271 or lower.  Once the data is available, families of students who fall into this category can expect to be contacted by a district administrator which will likely be the building principal, Linda Reha.  Other things in place per the Read by Grade Three Law for individual students are:

April 8th Solar Eclipse

Did you know that we will experience a total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8th, and experts are expecting this natural phenomenon to occur approximately between 2-4:30 p.m.?  The last total solar eclipse that was viewable in the United States , but not in Michigan, was in 2017.  So, although not a once in a lifetime occurence, it surely will be a special event that our students will likely remember.  To prepare for this historical event, Lansing Glass donated funds for our school to purchase solar eclipse glasses for students and staff.  Students will be provided a pair of glasses to wear if they choose to view the eclipse when heading to the bus, walking home, or waiting to be picked up after school.  In addition, teachers may choose to take their students outside to view the eclipse while wearing their protective glasses of course and discussing an actual science connection to a real world event.  We have discussed the importance of using these special glasses when viewing the eclipse and the importance of taking them off when walking or just being outside because they are blackout glasses which means it will be difficult to casually wear them and walk around without bumping into things or falling.  Safety is important - both while viewing the eclipse and while not viewing it.  Check out this additional eye safety solar eclipse viewing flyer for more important details to discuss with your child.

If you have questions about your child viewing the eclipse with his/her class or prefer that your child doesn't participate, please contact your child's teacher.

Schwarz's Section

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a great Spring Break! It has been wonderful being back this week and getting to see all our students and families.  We continue to reinforce being respectful, responsible, safe bucket fillers as we get back in the routine.  We have also been discussing what it means to have integrity, or doing the right thing even when no one is watching.  We have amazing students, and it is so nice to see so many do this on a daily basis.  Additionally, for those who are participating, we have started our small groups this week.  

As always, please reach out if I can be of any help.

Best wishes for a (hopefully) warm spring!

DeAnn Schwarz

School Social Worker

Rosalin's Reflection

Scott School Families,

Just a friendly reminder about sending healthy snack choices with our kids to school. It's crucial to recognize the impact that diet can have on students' academic performance and overall well-being. Research has consistently shown that what we eat directly influences cognitive function, mood, and energy levels. When it comes to navigating the challenges of test-taking, providing students with nutritious, low-sugar snacks is paramount. High-sugar foods can lead to rapid spikes and subsequent crashes in blood sugar levels, resulting in decreased concentration, fatigue, and irritability—all of which are less than ideal conditions for optimal academic performance and can cause behavioral issues in the classroom. By working together, schools and parents can create an environment that prioritizes health and wellness for all students. By making small changes, such as sending kids with healthy, less sugary snacks to school, we can make a big difference in the lives of our children, both inside and outside the classroom. Beyond the immediate benefits of improved focus and concentration, promoting healthy snacks sends a powerful message to students about the importance of self care and prioritizing their well-being. Have a great weekend!


Anna Rosalin

Dean of Students

Praise to our PTA & Participants

Another big thanks to our PTA and families for providing Conference Cuisine meals for staff before spring parent/teacher conferences.  This is such a big help to our team on those busy evenings, and we appreciate the love and support our village gives us.  Thank you - thank you - thank you!

PTA STEM Sponsored Event

Are you looking for fun and engaging STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities for your child and family to partcipate in locally?  Well, look no further than right here at DeWitt High School on Friday, April 19th.  Check out this flyer for this PTA sponsored special event.

STEM Flyer (1).pdf

State Representative Reader

Scott School was fortunate to have State Representative Emily Dievendorf read Enemy Pie to a second grade classroom. Representative Dievendorf also answered questions about her job at the Capital and some of the laws she has helped to pass. She even wore blue and gold which matched our Spirit Day colors that day.

State Representative Emily Dievendorf reading to a second grade classroom pic
State Representative Emily Dievendor taking a class picture with Mrs. Taylor's students pic

Equivalent Fractions in Math

Third graders have been hard at work learning equivalent fractions in math.

Third grade students learning equivalent fractions pic 1
Third grade students learning equivalent fractions pic 2

Walking School Bus

The Walking School Bus is relaunching for the spring on April 1st and will run through the end of the school year on June 6th.  New students to the program need to be registered by March 27th to walk the first week on April 1st.  After that students will be onboarding on the weekend and may begin walking on the following Monday after registration is completed.  

All students already registered in the WSB program do not need to do anything as we are communicating with them as to their students' walking schedules.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The pick-up drop off location for Scott School students has changed to Logan Street between Main and Madison in hopes to gain more student participation.  

Check out this flyer about the Walking School Bus. Famililes can expect a printed copy to come home with their child soon, so check those backpacks!

Scott WSB Flyer (1).pdf

It's Time to Order A Yearbook

David Scott 31649 2024 digital flyer.pdf

Weekend Food Kit Resource

The Greater Lansing Food Bank sponsors weekend food kits for families in need.  Please contact DeAnn Schwarz, Scott School Social Worker at or 517-668-3446.

Effects of Screen Time & Children's Mental Health

The following blurb was shared with families in Dr. Spickard's April 1st email.  These resources include a lot of valuable information that you may find useful.

If you were unable to attend the District's 4th Mental Health Night Series in March, March, here is the link to the replay for “Effects of Screen Time and Children’s Mental Health.” This is a topic on all of our minds. Our final series will be on May 7th: “Bullying: Stop the Cycle,” and families and educators can register here: This session will define bullying, the people who bully and get bullied, the cycle and how to stop it, and cover bullying in social media, school, and sports. As a reminder, all sessions, classes, and coaching are free and confidential services for our families and staff. Here is this week’s Parent Guidance Newsletter: Sleeping Sound: Understanding How Sleep Affects Children’s Mental Well-being.

School Avoidance & Anxiety Resource 

School avoidance and anxiety can affect students of all ages.  Here is a helpful resource if your child is struggling with either or both of these things.

Anxiety & School Avoidance Family Resources (3).pdf

District Parent Resources & Events

Below are parent resources for families.  Also, the Tri-County Community Health Guide has been updated, and it can be found hereThere are multiple categories of resources for assistance or information. 

Parents, luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Our district is providing the opportunity for you to meet regularly with a coach. Please take advantage of this FREE resource that connects you with a parenting coach and content created by therapists to improve your connection with those you love. 

To register for on-going support from a coach:

Parent Coaching Flyer Image
Mental Health Providers and Resources for Eaton County (1).pdf
Help to Quit Vaping and Tobacco Flyer (1).pdf
Help line flyer for teens (1).pdf
DeWitt Concert Series Poster 2023-24 (11X17).pdf

Parent Guidance Series

DPS You Matter Image

School Breakfast & Lunch

School breakfast and lunch is available to all students and this year, both are free to all students due to a State initiative

I-CHAT to Volunteer or Chaperone

All volunteers and chaperones must be cleared before an event through our District's I-CHAT background check process every year.  This process takes a few days, so please don't delay in completing it, so your report is processed and returned to the school in a timely fashion.

CLT and Professional Development Calendar

Below are the dates for Collaborative Learning Time (CLT) and professional development this year.  Thank you in advance for supporting these days which allow our teachers to participate in training and be continuous lifelong learners to support student success.

ID Requirement for Students to be Picked Up

Student safety is a priority.  Please bring proper identification each time your child is picked up from school.  Here are some ways adults picking up students can be identified:

Allergy Awareness

There are some Scott students who have health-threatening nut allergies in our building.  Scott School is a 'No Nut' building.  Pack items that do not contain nuts for your child's lunch and snack.  It is critically important that we provide a safe learning environment for all students, and your help with this is needed and appreciated.  Please always contact your child's teacher if you have a concern about an allergy or other health condition related to your child that they should be aware of.  Also, if your child has a medical need, including food or other allergies, don't forget to update your child's Medical Management Plan by completing and submitting the district forms to the office before school starts so we can follow protocols to keep your child safe.

Medical Forms

In order for Scott School personnel to administer medication to your child when we return to in person instruction, you must:

Medication and other medical forms can be found on our DeWitt Public Schools website.

Attendance Line

Attendance Matters Picture

When your child is absent, please call the Scott School Attendance line:  517-668-3458. Substitute Teachers cannot access a teacher's email, so please call the office when your child is going to be absent, will be dropped off or picked up outside of regular school hours, or has a transportation switch. Please call before 3:00 pm, for all after school changes.