The Scott Spotlight

August 25, 2023

Principal:  Linda Reha

School Address:  804 Wilson St. DeWitt, MI 48820

Office Phone Number:  517-668-3400

Attendance Phone Number:  517-668-3458


School Events

2023-24 District Calendar - 04.11.23.pdf
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Aug. 28:  First Day of School

Sept. 1 & Sept. 4:  No School - Labor Day Weekend

Sept. 15:  No School - Full Day of Professional Development for Certified Staff

Reha's Report

Dear Scott School Families,

In just a few days the 2023-24 school year will be underway --- hip hip hooray!  We are ready and want to help you prepare your child for the first day so here are a few tips:

With excitement and appreciation,

Linda Reha

Scott School Principal

School Breakfast & Lunch

School breakfast and lunch is available to all students and this year, both are free to all students due to a State initiative. 

Photo Op Pictures Needed

Scott School is looking for photo op pictures taken in front of the "I Matter" canvas backdrop on Open House night to share with our families and community via social media and our website.  If you're willing to share a photo op picture of your child that was taken in front of this prop that Joann West, a parent, community member, and artist, made, we'd be grateful.  Please email your child's photo op picture to: before Friday, September 1st.  Thank you!

I Matter Photo Op Background Pic

Learn More About Scott School & DPS

To learn more specific details about Scott School, check out these informative links:

CLT and Professional Development Calendar

Below are the dates for Collaborative Learning Time (CLT) and professional development this year.  Thank you in advance for supporting these days which allow our teachers to participate in training and be continuous lifelong learners to support student success.

District Parent Resources & Events

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Parent Guidance Series

Calendar of Events

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Your Child's Anxiety

Tues., Sept. 5th

Donations Appreciated

Thank you to the many families who have reached out and asked what donations they can make to Scott School.  Here is a list of things that we're always in need of:

Drop Off, Pick Up, and Parking Lot Procedures

Drop Off & Pick Up:

Parking Lot & Other Safety Requests:

It's normal for students to experience some anxiety at the start of the school year, and our school staff will be visible and eager to help all students find their classroom and get settled into a school routine.  However, please communicate with us if your child experiences significant anxiety and stress about transitioning to school after the first week.  To increase safety for our students and staff, as well as to help your child with a successful transition into the school year, please drop your child off outside of the building instead of walking him/her inside.  Our staff will be visible, available, and happy to help! 

Some Examples of Car Signs for the Pick Up Loop:

IMPORTANT - Crosswalk Safety

Please help keep our students (and all pedestrians) who walk or bike to and from school safe by following driver safety laws.  Although most students use the crosswalk at the stop sign on Wilson St. to cross the road, it is important to be alert for students crossing anywhere near school grounds.  You have an important role in keeping our students safe by following these law tips.

Our local law enforcement partner with our school to assist with safety and will ticket if necessary to protect our students.  Modeling expected driver safety is essential and contagious!  Be a role model for our children and other drivers.  Accidents at this crosswalk can be prevented by following crosswalk laws and being an attentive driver, especially when our students are walking or bike riding to and from school each day.

Neighborhood Niceties

Scott is a neighborhood school, and we have many wonderful neighbors who support our school.  However, a community concern is vehicles blocking driveways at the beginning and end of the day when drop off and pick up occurs.  Please be respectful of our neighbors by refraining from idling (or parking) your car in front of any driveway while waiting in the parent loop line.   Allowing space for driveway access for all property owners is important and helps us maintain positive relations with our friendly neighbors and demonstrates respectful driver etiquette.   Also, vehicles cannot stop in the intersection where the stop sign is located south of your buildingWe are fortunate to have support from our local law enforcement to keep our students, community, and school safe, so please know these traffic violations could result in police issuing tickets. In addition, please follow road rules by parking in legal spots when needing to enter the building.  Using other areas besides the drop off and pick up loop is strongly discouraged.  Please follow our driving guidelines so pick up and drop off times are safe for everyone by preventing an unfortunate accident from occurring and helping us keep good relations with our neighborhood community membersBe sure to follow the turn sign when exiting the loop.  Vehicles must make a righthand turn only to keep traffic flow steady and to avoid an accident.  Lastly, please keep in mind that our staff need to be on time to work to teach and support your child, so please allow staff access to the staff parking lot when they arrive to work each day. Thank you for your attention to these concern areas. 

We're excited that the Walking School Bus (see information below) is planning to start up at Scott School.  Please consider this opportunity for your child to walk to school and get some fresh air, exercise, and make new friends by walking with a trusted adult.  This will also benefit families by avoiding wait time in the parent loop line.

ID Requirement for Students to be Picked Up

Student safety is a priority.  Please bring proper identification each time your child is picked up from school.  Here are some ways adults picking up students can be identified:

Allergy Awareness

There are some Scott students who have health-threatening nut allergies in our building.  Scott School is a 'No Nut' building.  Pack items that do not contain nuts for your child's lunch and snack.  It is critically important that we provide a safe learning environment for all students, and your help with this is needed and appreciated.  Please always contact your child's teacher if you have a concern about an allergy or other health condition related to your child that they should be aware of.  Also, if your child has a medical need, including food or other allergies, don't forget to update your child's Medical Management Plan by completing and submitting the district forms to the office before school starts so we can follow protocols to keep your child safe.

Medical Forms

In order for Scott School personnel to administer medication to your child when we return to in person instruction, you must:

Medication and other medical forms can be found on our DeWitt Public Schools website.

Looking for Additional Support?

Our school social worker, Mrs. Schwarz, is always willing to assist students and families in any way possible.  In addition to working closely with your child's teacher, consider reaching out to her if you have questions or need support.  She is truly amazing at what she does!  She can be reached at 517-668-3446 or  

Attendance Line

Attendance Matters Picture

When your child is absent, please call the Scott School Attendance line:  517-668-3458. Substitute Teachers cannot access a teacher's email, so please call the office when your child is going to be absent, will be dropped off or picked up outside of regular school hours, or has a transportation switch. Please call before 3:00 pm, for all after school changes.