The Scott Spotlight

Back to School Issue - August 9, 2019

Principal: Linda Reha

School Address: 804 Wilson St. DeWitt, MI 48820

Office Phone Number: 517-668-3400

Attendance Phone Number: 517-668-3458


Start Time: 8:30 a.m.

First bell rings at 8:25 a.m.

Students shouldn't arrive before 8:15 a.m.

Dismissal Time: 3:20 p.m.

School Events

District Diversity Logo Paw

Aug. 9: Placement Letters Mailed

Aug. 21: Open House 6:00—7:00 p.m. (This date could change based on construction.)

Aug. 26: First Day of School

Aug. 30 & Sept. 2: No School—Labor Day Weekend

Sept. 18: Early Release Day for Teacher CLT

Reha's Report

Dear Scott School Families,

I want to welcome your family to share in the many educational journeys the 2019-20 school year has in store at David Scott Elementary School. Office staff will return on August 12th, but with construction still in progress, Scott School won't be open until either Open House on August 21st from 6-7 p.m. or the first day of school if construction delays hosting our Open House (email communication will be sent to families if this occurs). Although this summer has been one filled with construction throughout the building staff have been busy preparing for the fun and learning ahead . We can't wait to see familiar faces and meet new ones to collaborate for the best year yet. Scott is a place for great learning experiences! This year, Scott is projected to have ten 2nd and nine 3rd grade classes which includes a 2nd/3rd grade multi-age classroom. However, our enrollment numbers are up, so should another class need to be added, please consider a class placement move for your child since this would occur after placement letters are sent. In addition to rich instruction through teaching Common Core State Standards, students are afforded opportunities to learn essential life skills as a member of a respectful, responsible, and safe learning community by participating in “bucket filling” with peers, staff, and guests throughout our school. The staff at Scott offer diverse and rigorous learning experiences in and out of the classroom to challenge, yet support, all students to reach their personal best. Thank you for choosing Scott for your child’s school and trusting us with your child's care and education. We are looking forward to creating a strong team with you through positive communication and collaboration. Placement letters will be mailed on Friday, August 9th, and the first day of school is Monday, August 26th. As your family prepares for the start of school year, please contact our office if you have any questions. I am looking forward to seeing you at Open House and our partnership this year.

Warm Regards,

Linda Reha

Scott School Principal

Construction Update

There will be many updated spaces at Scott School this year. Construction crew have been working hard to complete projects before the start of the school year. Even if there are some things to finish once the year begins, be assured that our school will be a safe environment and staff will be prepared to teach your child. With that said, please be understanding that classrooms may not be fully decorated as they usually would be at the beginning of a school year. With the addition of two new classrooms and classroom moves for returning teachers, they have not had access to the building all summer. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they can access the building a week or more before the first day. Thank you for your kindness and support as we settle into our new and remodeled spaces throughout the building.

Due to construction in the front of the building, please enter the doors by the bus loop for Open House. The main entrance will be closed that evening and until August 26th so the safe and secure entry and office can be finished. Our office will temporarily be moved to our Conference Room, which is centrally located in the building. An easel sign will be placed in the hallway, so you can easily find office staff the night of our Open House if you have needs they can assist with such as medication or other inquiries.

Office Construction

Scott School Suggested Supplies List

Scott School General Classroom Supplies List.pdf

Teachers may share a more specific list in your child's Placement Letter, at Open House, or that they send home the first week of school.

Allergy Awareness

Please recognize there are some Scott students who have health-threatening nut allergies in our building. Medical needs of students are being thoroughly reviewed at this time. More information about whether Scott School will or won't be 'Nut Free' this year, will be communicated to families before the start of the year. In the case that Scott School is not 'Nut Free' throughout, please know that there are 'Nut Free' classrooms and procedures put in place such as using baby wipes to wipe tables and other items and a 'Nut Free' table in the cafeteria. We strive to help all students build self-awareness by teaching safety and advocacy to protect our school community and the people in it. Please always contact your child's teacher if you have a concern about an allergy or other health condition that they should be aware of. Also, don't forget to update your child's Medical Management Plan by completing and submitting the district forms to the office at the start of the year.

Medical Forms

In order for Scott School personnel to administer medication to your child, you must:

  • Submit a completed district medication form to our office.
  • Be sure all medications are brought to and stored in our office.
  • Be sure prescription medication is in its original container accompanied with a physician’s signature.
  • Be sure non-prescription medication is in its original container accompanied by a parent’s signature.
  • Please communicate with your child's teacher if he/she takes medication daily at school.
  • If your child has a medical condition, please be sure to complete a Medical Management Plan for your child and turn it in at the office.

Medication and other medical forms can be found on our DeWitt Public Schools website.

2019-20 Early Release Days

The following dates will be early release ones for teacher professional development called Collaborative Learning Time (CLT). Early Release Child Care is offered for interested families, but slots fill fast, so don't delay. The registration deadline is September 6, 2019. Early release time from Scott is at 11:57 a.m. on the following dates:

  • September 18
  • October 16
  • November 20
  • December 18
  • January 15
  • February 19
  • March 18
  • April 15
  • May 20

Join DeWitt PTA

Looking for a way to get involved and volunteer for DeWitt Public Schools? Become a DeWitt PTA member, and you can do just that. The beauty of this organization is you can do as much or as little as you wish, but your membership alone contributes in many ways to our elementary schools. Check out the DeWitt Elementary PTA website and consider joining a team of wonderful individuals who collaborative and do so many things that support students in DeWitt.

ICHAT to Volunteer

Scott School loves to have helpful parent/guardian volunteers and chaperones. If you’re interested in helping in your child’s classroom, the building, or a class trip, you MUST complete an ICHAT (volunteer background check) first. This background check is only good for one year, so if you completed one last year, you’ll need to complete a new one again this year. Staff and students appreciate all our families do to support learning at Scott!

Drop Off, Pick Up, and Parking Lot Procedures

Drop Off & Pick Up:

  • To help promote a safe and productive start to your child’s day, please be sure to drop your child off no earlier than 8:15 a.m. because students are not allowed to enter the building until that time, and there is no adult supervision outside prior to then.
  • Students may enter the building through the bus loop doors beginning at 8:15 a.m., walk directly to the cafeteria (no stops to classrooms or other areas please) before the first bell rings at 8:25 a.m., and wait until they are dismissed to their classroom by the bell. Students arriving after the tardy bell, but before 8:30 a.m., may also enter the bus loop doors, and go directly to their classroom. Students arriving after the tardy bell (8:30 a.m.) must enter the building through the main entrance and be accompanied by a parent or guardian to be signed in at the office.
  • Please drive up as far as possible in the loop to drop off or pick up your child. Any where there is a painted blue line on the sidewalk area is where students should get in and out of vehicles.
  • Please do not drop your child off or pick your child up in the front of the building unless you are parking and entering the building with your child or to pick your child up.
  • Please do not drop your child off or pick your child up in the road. This is extremely dangerous and our local law enforcement patrols our street frequently to support school procedures and enforce the law for student safety.
  • Please do not park your car to drop your child off or pick your child up unless you are entering the building. Parking is limited at Scott School, and this creates challenges for staff to get to work on time and creates more sight line barriers for pedestrians and drivers after school.
  • Students who are picked up after school are to wait on the sidewalk area located on the south side of the building where the parent driving loop is. Adult supervision will be at the loop after school daily to supervise students and assist with safety.
  • Although our students quickly learn the procedures for being dropped off and picked up, your help in following our guidelines will help ensure and model safety for our students.

Parking Lot & Other Safety Requests:

  • Please avoid parking in the parking lot to drop off or pick up your child. Use the loop - that's what it's designed for. Parking should only occur when a parent/guardian must enter the building.
  • Please resist the urge to drop your child off or pick your child up on Logan Street (across the bridge on our playground). Drop off and pick up locations other than the area that is designated (driving loop) for this creates safety concerns. We care about your child!
  • Please drive the speed limit (25 mph) and come to a complete stop at the stop sign on Wilson St. Our 2nd and 3rd grade walkers and bikers often cross here and trust that you are watching for them.

Even though it's normal for students to experience some anxiety at the start of the school year, students who rely on school staff to help find their classroom become independent more quickly and settle in faster. Please help this process by trusting our school staff to assist students the first week and throughout the year instead of walking your child to class. However, please communicate with us if your child continues to experience significant anxiety and stress about transitioning to school. We are happy to help!

Attendance Line

Attendance Matters Picture

When your child is absent, please call the Scott School Attendance line: 517-668-3458. Substitute Teachers cannot access a teacher's email, so please call the office when your child is going to be absent, will be dropped off or picked up outside of regular school hours, or has a transportation switch. Please call before 3:00 pm, for all after school changes.

Looking for Additional Support?

Our school social worker, Mrs. Schwarz, is always willing to assist students and families in any way possible. In addition to working closely with your child's teacher, consider reaching out to her if you have questions or need support. She is truly amazing at what she does! She can be reached at 517-668-3446 or